Apartment Building Sanitizing

Apartment Building Sanitizing Dallas Fort Worth

Any residential location can be affected by Coronavirus due to the lifestyle of the occupants. In a small home with just a few residents, this can present a large problem due to the transmission rates of COVID-19. In an apartment building, these issues are amplified by the sheer volume of people accessing the building regularly.

The virus can live on surfaces for several hours, so should a main entrance door be touched by someone who is infected, it won’t take long for the infection to pass to others who might use the same door. Our sanitization service is available for apartment buildings in the local area – simply call (833) 69-VIRUS to request assistance, including our emergency service for when you need sanitization quickly. Whole apartments can be sterilized and purified, and you can enter the apartment just two hours after the disinfection has been completed. It’s a quick and simple process that you can’t afford to ignore.

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