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COVID-19 Coronavirus and other infectious diseases are often transferred by direct contact between people, but it is also possible for them to be transferred via contact with surfaces. Your car is a prime example – anyone touching your car (a passenger, for example) could leave the virus on a surface. If a passenger sneezes, the virus may be spread all across the interior of your car.

Even the outside of your car could require sanitizing as the door handles may have been touched by a carrier of the virus. Our sanitization service for cars is available across the local area. We’ll purify and sterilize your car to ensure that disease transmission is minimized, and you can safely carry on using your car.

We offer an emergency service for situations where your car may need disinfecting rapidly. Call (833) 69-VIRUS to schedule an appointment or request assistance, and we’ll do all that we can to protect you from the effects of the Coronavirus.

– How long should vehicles be disinfected against Corona?

Vehicles should be disinfected to prevent transmission of Coronavirus for the foreseeable future. The virus will not suddenly disappear and can be carried by anyone – symptoms may not be experienced for up to 14 days, and even then, they may be mild. This means that anyone you come into contact with could be carrying the virus even if they are unaware of it.

Regular sanitizing of your vehicle is important to keep the virus under control and is especially important if you regularly travel with passengers who live outside of your own home. Until the spread of Coronavirus is officially determined to be in remission, you should continue to disinfect your vehicle.

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