Events Hall Sanitizing

Events Hall Sanitizing Dallas Fort Worth

Events halls are open to the public on many occasions throughout the year which can easily lead to the transmission of contagion. With the high transmission rates of COVID-19, protecting your team and those who visit your event hall in the local area should be a priority.

Our event hall sanitizing service include the use of autoclave and disinfectant to destroy bacteria and viruses, minimizing the possibility of disease transmission. We have emergency services available should you need your event hall sanitizing after a confirmed incident of Coronavirus or other viral or bacterial infections.

Call (833) 69-VIRUS to arrange an appointment or to request help in an emergency. Your safety is our priority, and we’ll purify your building to make it safe to use. We’ll sterilize and deep clean your event hall to protect the public, and you’ll be able to use any treated area within hours of the completion of the process.

It’s a cost-effective solution for any public-facing business to make use of.

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