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Hotels Sanitizing Dallas Fort Worth

Viruses such as the COVID-19 Coronavirus can be transmitted from person to person and via an intermediary surface. Hotels are prone to sharing surfaces with multiple customers with everything from the check-in desk to the door to individual rooms being touched by multiple people every day.

To lower the risk of contamination we provide a hotel sanitizing service that will sterilize individual rooms, lobbies, and other areas of your hotel as necessary. Rooms can be back in use just 2 hours after the process is completed, and so no major disruption will be caused to the operation of your hotel.

We provide our sanitization service across the local area and can respond in the case of an emergency. For all enquiries and bookings please contact us by calling (833) 69-VIRUS – we’ll be happy to help.

Protect your guests, look after your staff, and slow the spread of Coronavirus and other infectious diseases by sanitizing your hotel.

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