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Mall Sanitizing Dallas Fort Worth

Malls are visited by potentially thousands of people every day, which provides an ideal opportunity for COVID-19 to spread. Person-to-person contact isn’t the only method of transmission, as the Coronavirus can survive on surfaces outside the human body for many hours. With so many people passing through, the potential for the transmission of the infection is high.

We provide a mall sanitizing service all over the local area. From individual shops to shared walkways, steps and stairs, and other locations within a mall, we’ll purify and sterilize everywhere.

If an incident occurs where COVID-19 transmission is likely, our emergency services can be requested by calling (833) 69-VIRUS. We’ll be there to sanitize your mall as soon as we can.

Regular mall sanitizing can help to save lives by limiting the spread of Coronavirus. Our autoclave and disinfectant will kill viruses, bacteria, and many other types of infections. You’ll have a mall that is safe for the public to use without any concerns.

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