School Coronavirus Disinfecting

School Coronavirus Disinfecting Dallas Fort Worth

Schools can be visited by hundreds of people of all ages every day, each with their own background and potential for contracting and transmitting illnesses including the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Students, teachers, parents, and visitors are all at risk from spreading or contracting illnesses in such a location.

The simplest way to fight the spread of Coronavirus and other diseases is to sterilize and deep clean classrooms, halls, and other areas in and around the school.

Our school sanitizing service will purify and sterilize your school to ensure surfaces are clean and free from contagious contaminants. Viruses can survive on surfaces for several hours, so to prevent the spread that can occur without human interaction, sterilization is important.

We serve the local area and provide emergency services when you need them. Simply contact us by calling (833) 69-VIRUS and we’ll be with you as soon as we can.

We’ll keep your school and everyone who uses it safe.

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